Setting a Home Renovation Budget

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  You already have a color and design in mind. You have arranged and played it out like a hundred times. But before you actually start shopping for the materials, you need to plan your budget and stick to it. Here are some guidelines on setting a home renovation budget: 1. Estimate home renovation costs… Continued

March 15, 2018

Home Cleaning and Maintenance Checklist

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Spring is right around the corner and, while you might be ready for warmer weather, your home could probably use some help. Spring maintenance is more than just cleaning the house. There are both indoor and outdoor tasks you need to complete to ensure your home is in good shape for the rest of the… Continued

March 8, 2018

Windows Bring Identity to The Home.

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Beautiful windows give the house a look of its own. It lets the first hint of sunlight in, gives way for the wind to make you feel the breeze and also gives the home its own persona. When building a home of your own, you can never underestimate the importance of your window choices. These… Continued

February 2, 2018

How To Know It is The Dream Home?

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House hunting? If that so, the first question that would pop out in your mind is, “how would I know that this is the house I would call home for the next many years of my life?” Here is the guide our home experts have found out to present you your perfect match: 1. Consider… Continued

January 31, 2018